PictureAir Technology

We deeply understand the significance of capturing memories in theme parks, attractions, and celebratory events, and we prioritize meeting our partners' needs. To enhance guest experiences, we continuously upgrade technological applications, staying at the forefront of the industry. Our comprehensive online management system, PictureAir, covers image and video processing, order management, and more. It caters to diverse customer needs, offering functionalities like image association, editing, selling, and printing, ensuring the highest quality and convenient imaging service experience.

Capture Technologies

High-Speed Capture

The high-speed capture system is a fully automated photography solution designed for amusement park rides, such as roller coasters and other attractions. By equipping the ride with sensors, this system triggers up to 6 cameras to capture photos precisely at designated points. 

Key features of our high-speed capture system include:
•  Support for up to 6 cameras, offering multiple angles and perspectives.
•  Compatibility with both software and hardware triggering methods, ensuring accurate moment capturing.
•  Versatility in connecting with various types of cameras and industrial cameras to cater to diverse needs.
•  Compatibility with multiple sensors and flashes, enabling the creation of diverse imaging effects.
•  Image enhancements, including brightness and color adjustments, for superior image quality.
•  Remote camera settings, such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, and image quality, to meet specific shooting requirements.
•  With these capabilities, our high-speed capture system revolutionizes the photography experience on amusement park rides, delivering unforgettable memories to park visitors.

Underwater Photography

Our underwater photography service goes beyond mere documentation of visitors' experiences and memories; it offers them a completely new and immersive visual encounter. Through dynamic photography techniques, we flawlessly capture the ever-changing underwater dynamics and lighting, rekindling visitors' sense of mystery and depth about the underwater world while evoking nostalgic feelings.

Our underwater photography service is characterized by the following features:
• Ensuring a safe and reliable underwater shooting environment, prioritizing visitors' comfort and peace of mind.
• Utilizing dynamic photography techniques to skillfully capture underwater movements and changes in lighting.
• Delivering rapid and efficient photo processing and delivery, allowing customers to swiftly obtain exquisite underwater photos.
• Offering professional advice and guidance for underwater photography, assisting customers in achieving the best shooting results and preserving unforgettable moments.
• With these exceptional features, our underwater photography service offers a unique and captivating experience, making visitors' underwater adventures truly unforgettable.

Green Screen Photography

The green screen system is a sophisticated chroma key solution that enables guests to take photos against a green background. Afterward, the system seamlessly removes the green background and replaces it with various other backgrounds, creating captivating composite images. Additionally, our green screen photography system conveniently includes guests' contact information, allowing them to easily search for and view their photos.  

Key features of our green screen system include:
• Offering both manual-operated and self-service versions to cater to different customer preferences and needs.
• Guests can instantly preview their photos to ensure satisfaction before finalizing the capture.
• A wide array of background choices are available, allowing guests to immerse themselves in diverse and exciting scenes.
• The photo capture process is efficient and quick, saving guests' valuable time during their experience.
• With these exceptional features, our green screen system enhances guests' photography experiences, creating delightful and unforgettable moments for everyone involved.

Self-Service Imaging

The self-service imaging system is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that empowers visitors with a seamless and efficient self-operated photography experience. By utilizing the shooting Bullterminal machine, visitors can independently take and select photos, as well as effortlessly complete photo ordering and printing, creating a more enjoyable and convenient travel memory experience.

Key features of our self-service imaging system include:
• Visitors can fully manage their photo-taking and selection without requiring staff assistance, enhancing their autonomy and convenience.
• Utilizes advanced identity recognition technologies such as wristbands, RFID, and barcodes to link photos accurately to visitor identities, ensuring precise identification.
• Photos are transmitted via the network to photo order machines, granting visitors the flexibility to browse, select, and place orders with ease.
• With a simple scan of their wristbands, RFID, or barcodes at the sales counter, visitors can swiftly complete photo printing, saving valuable time and effort.
• Through these remarkable features, our self-service imaging system revolutionizes tourists' photo experiences, providing them with delightful and hassle-free travel memories.

Bullet-Time 360° Photography

Our one-of-a-kind Bullet-Time 360° Photography system perfectly complements the offline environment, delivering visitors a fresh and immersive visual encounter. Within theme venues and other locations, visitors can delight in the joy of photography from diverse angles and directions, resulting in unique and memorable experiences.

Key features of our Bullet-Time 360° Photography system include:
• Seamless integration into offline environments, providing personalized and interactive experiences for theme venues and other settings.
• Capturing all-around shooting effects, enabling visitors to seize moments from a 360° field of view, thereby enhancing the visual experience.
• Employing a semi-circular arrangement of multiple cameras to achieve all-around shooting, rendering images more vibrant and lifelike.
• Offering personalized 90°-360° videos, empowering visitors to freely choose viewing angles and heightening their sense of active participation.
• Through these remarkable features, our Bullet-Time 360° Photography system revolutionizes visitor experiences, leaving them with cherished memories and a deeper connection to the venues they explore.

Image Association Technology

Our cutting-edge image association technology seamlessly connects every visitor’s photo taken at theme parks or attractions to their identities, ensuring efficient photo management and a seamless customer experience. This technology facilitates easy review and access to photos, boosting photo sales and revenue while simplifying the process of finding and purchasing favorite pictures. Through data analysis, the technology offers valuable customer behavior and preference information to the attractions, aiding marketing and business decisions and ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

The image association technology is available in three types:

RFID via API Integration

Our solution employs API technology to integrate and associate photos with RFID tags, allowing customers at theme parks to enjoy a seamless imaging experience through RFID technology.

AirPass Technology

In environments where RFID wristbands are not applicable, we utilize AirPass, a two-dimensional barcode card distributed to each visitor during the first photo shoot. AirPass links photos taken during various park activities, providing a unified and cohesive photo experience.

Facial Recognition Technology

This technology enables visitors to conveniently search for their photos, swiftly identifying and viewing their own images. This provides visitors with a more personalized and convenient photo experience.

Intelligent Image Processing Technology

Our intelligent image processing technology creates captivating storylines, immersing guests in unforgettable experiences through ride photography, green screen photography, and roaming photography. With a wide array of scenes to choose from, guests can relish capturing photos in diverse settings, adding fun and excitement to their journey. Our photos are far from static images; through PictureAir processing, they transform into dynamic short videos, taking guests on a magical visual journey. These images can be easily uploaded to local servers or the cloud, granting customers the convenience of viewing all their captured photos or videos on-site at kiosks or online, including mobile devices. With our innovative technology, guests can treasure and relive their cherished memories in a whole new dynamic way.

Ordering and Printing System

Our all-inclusive solutions cater to customers' needs, encompassing sales, printing, and delivery, offering a seamless one-stop service. Empowered by intelligent management and high-speed printing technology, we guarantee customers receive top-notch printed photos promptly, cherishing their precious moments for a lifetime. To accommodate diverse preferences, we provide an extensive array of product options, aiming to deliver the finest imaging services that transform each photo into a cherished memory and ensure an unparalleled imaging experience.

Key features of our sales and printing system include:



Intelligent management capabilities that streamline order processing, monitor printing quantities, sizes, and device status, ensuring efficient operations.



High-speed instant printing utilizing cutting-edge technology, maintaining the utmost quality and efficiency for instant photo printing.



Seamless adaptation to various printer brands, collaborating closely with multiple equipment manufacturers, and providing a diverse product selection.



An unwavering commitment to photo quality, guaranteeing that every image meets the highest standards.

Mobile Application

As a leading innovator in smart imaging solutions, PictureAir is dedicated to revolutionizing the imaging experiences at theme parks and attractions. We provide dedicated PictureAir mobile applications tailored for your theme park or attraction, empowering visitors to effortlessly browse, download, and share photos.

Our mobile applications encompass websites, mobile apps, and WeChat mini-programs, featuring the following remarkable capabilities:

Photo Browsing

Through our advanced image association technology, visitors can easily access and view all the photos taken within the park. Our unique US-patented TouchClear technology allows visitors to "touch-preview" photo content before purchase, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction, enabling guests to confidently browse and select their favorite photos.

Purchase and Download Photos

Even after guests leave the park, there are opportunities for them or others to purchase photos. Our platform supports online payment and convenient digital photo downloads, allowing guests to easily obtain their purchased photos.

Social media sharing

Guests can instantly share their cherished photos on social media, spreading joyful moments with friends and family, fostering memorable connections.

Photo Management and Storage

As the number of photos captured and stored within PictureAir grows, guests will naturally gravitate toward using PictureAir to record all their special moments with their families, ensuring beautiful memories are preserved for a lifetime.

Big Data Management

Our online data analysis platform empowers partners with valuable sales analysis reports, categorized by products, regions, and photo templates. Additionally, photographer performance evaluations and real-time photo shoot quantities are presented on the park map. Through sales conversion rate analysis, partners can gauge the efficiency at which photos translate into sales. These comprehensive data analysis reports provide invaluable insights into business trends, enabling partners to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and successfully achieve their business objectives. With this powerful tool, partners can maximize their performance and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

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