October 28, 2022

Pictureworks Collaborates with Neon Global to Provide Photo Imaging Solutions for Avatar: The Experience

SINGAPORE, October 28, 2022 – Pictureworks, a leading photo imaging solutions company, is thrilled to announce a year-long collaboration with Neon Global, one of the architects behind Avatar: The Experience - an immersive walkthrough event inspired by the beauty and unique storytelling of the highest-grossing film globally of all-time, Avatar.

Set within the visually stunning iconic Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay, the partnership will utilize Pictureworks’ own photo imaging system, PictureAir. The proprietary technology is a comprehensive online management system and covers image and video processing, order management, image association, editing, selling and printing, ensuring the highest quality and convenient imaging service experience for visitors. PictureAir has also been successfully implemented across various theme parks and attractions around the world, serving more than 50 million visitors annually.

Pictureworks will also deploy its state-of-the-art green screen photo capture technology, encapsulating visitors against breathtaking backdrops set in the captivating alien world of Pandora.

Additionally, Pictureworks will orchestrate on-location photography for visitors across Cloud Forest's five interactive zones, each intricately crafted to mirror Pandora’s otherworldly terrain. This endeavour aims to seize and immortalize the enchantment present in every individual moment for each visitor.

Pictureworks will support Avatar: The Experience through its entire run, scheduled from October 28, 2022 to 30 September, 2023.

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