Service Commitments


we love what we do hence we spread positive vibes to our guest, colleagues, partners and everyone around us.

Innovative Technology

is continually being reviewed and applied for at the right time for products.


based on the ideology that guests should be treated like VIPs (Very Important Persons), we also aspire to offer friendly, genuine hospitality; not just being polite, but providing service from the guests’ perspective.


we believe in training our staff, partners, contractors and third parties whom may represent us, and any other people involved in the provision of our goods or services on a number of topics to ensure compliance, and to demonstrate leadership, to upkeep the Pictureworks Customer Service standard.


Pictureworks staffs and guests come from all over the world, with different nationalities, cultures and at all ages. There should be no difference in how we treat each of them; Always with respect, sincerity and good work ethics, to work together as a team. 


we should constantly be ready with timely information and anticipate what might be coming in the near future. If being asked for any assistance, it is important to provide a clear and responsible communication with facts and details in a responsive manner.


to ensure the company to have a sustainable business foundation, and for staff members to have a good work-life balance. Efficiency and productivity needs to be constantly reviewed in every step of the production.


the welfare and peace of mind of our employees and guests are always provided. Safety, to us, is non-negotiable.