Theme Parks

Legoland , Malaysia

Pictureworks developed the AirPass system as the first in Malaysia and South East Asia for Legoland Malaysia. It created a seamless and convenient way to view photos taken at various locations at the park. It resulted in setting a benchmark for photo imaging in Malaysia which have yet to be duplicated. A special printer and process was created to print photos onto customised Lego bricks which resulted in high product and imaging sales in beyond expected budgets of Legoland Malaysia.

Enchanted Kingdom, Philippines

Pictureworks worked out a strategic approach to increasing traffic flow and photo capture penetration resulting in an average increase of 40% in imaging revenue over the previous operator within one operating year. Insert: Enchanted Kingdom photo, Mario Mamon, Chairman, President, Enchanted Kingdom photo and quote.

A true Gentlemen and I can consider him a very good public servant because of how he manages EK wherein his entire family is into full time services and providing satisfaction to all those visiting their amusement park.

Gil Abaquin

Park Administrator at Laguna International Industrial Park